With our wide range of medicines, we are committed to providing quality cures for various kinds of diseases. At the same time, we are also motivated to continue innovating in order to offer society more effective cures for more illnesses.
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AVITER ®    Category : Supplements & Adjuvant Therapy
Maintenance of body resistance     [Detail]
BABY DECONGESTANT 60 mL    Category : Medical device
Decongests, fluidifies mucus     [Detail]
CURFOS    Category : Supplements & Adjuvant Therapy
Appetite stimulant & vit supplement.     [Detail]
HESMIN    Category : Anorectal preparation
Relief of hemorrhoids & varicose veins.     [Detail]
HYPERTONIC DECONGESTANT 135 mL    Category : Medical Device
Decongests, fluidifies mucus     [Detail]
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